Research and development

The operational programme is mainly aimed at “modernization and increase of effectiveness of the support system for research and development and improvement of universities' infrastructure in such a way that they contribute to the economy competitiveness increase, regional disparities decrease, creation of new innovative (high-tech) small and medium-sized enterprises, creation of new jobs and improvement of conditions of the educational process at universities”.

Being the basic condition for further progress of research and development, the quality and standards of education provided at universities is related to the conditions of buildings and facilities,in which the educational process is delivered. The value and accessibility of education has long been affected by the lack of investment in the technical and internal facilities of schools. The consequence is an unsatisfactory technical state of a high number of buildings, moral and physical obsolescence of technical equipment, high operational costs and a lack of modern technology used in the educational process at universities. As a part of the Convergence target, the operational programme reflects on the bad state of physical infrastructure of universities, bad technical state of properties and their internal facilities with the aim to raise the standards of technical facilities for tuition. Priority axis of OP Research and Development are closely merged mainly with priority axis of OP Education, as well as with OP Competitiveness and Economic Growth.

The executive authority OP Research and Development is the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. Financial contribution of ES for this operational programme is 1 209 415 373 EUR. Operational Programme Research and Development was approved by EC on 28. 11. 2007.


Operational Programme Research and Development:

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