Employment and social inclusion

The operational programme aims at the growth of employment, social inclusion (incorporation) and creation of capacities. Due to the low flexibility and effectiveness of employees in different spheres of the public administration sector, as well as due to the necessity to improve the quality of policy creation, the operational programme will support activities focused on the improvement of human capital quality and activities oriented on good policy creation.

Through the aim of its priority axes, the operational programme is combined with the activities of ROP, OP Education, OP Research and Development and OP Healthcare, as mentioned in the description of individual priority axes. The operational programme implements activities which lead to fulfillment of tasks in the sector of employment politics founded by the National Reform Programme. Through two priority axes, it concentrates contributions to achieve high levels of employment, decrease in long/term unemployment, adaptation to demographic changes and, last but not least, social inclusion. Contributions in the mentioned sectors lead to initiation andstrengthening of the processes, which will secure the competitiveness of the Slovak Republic in the European and global framework.

The executive authority of the operational programme Employment and Social Inclusion is the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs of the Slovak Republic. Financial contribution of ES for this operational programme is 881 801 578 EUR. Operational Programme Employment and Social Inclusion was approved by EC on 26. 10. 2007.


Operational Programme Employment and Social Inclusion:

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