Operational programmes

Regional operational programme

The main goal of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) is to increase the availability and quality of civil infrastructure and regional facilities.


The operational programme is aimed at “improvement of the environment and rational use of resources through the building up and improvement of environmental infrastructure of the Slovak Republic in concordance with the regulations of the European Union and the Slovak Republic, and at strengthening of the environmental aspect of sustainable development”.

Competitiveness and economic growth

The global target of this operational programme is to provide sustainable economic growth and employment.

Research and development

The operational programme is mainly aimed at “modernization and increase of effectiveness of the support system for research and development and improvement of universities' infrastructure in such a way that they contribute to the economy competitiveness increase, regional disparities decrease, creation of new innovative (high-tech) small and medium-sized enterprises, creation of new jobs and improvement of conditions of the educational process at universities”.


Priorities of the OP Healthcare are the improvement of conditions that affect the health of the population as labor force through the improvement of quality, accessibility and effectiveness of health care and health support.

Employment and social inclusion

The operational programme aims at the growth of employment, social inclusion (incorporation) and creation of capacities. Due to the low flexibility and effectiveness of employees in different spheres of the public administration sector, as well as due to the necessity to improve the quality of policy creation, the operational programme will support activities focused on the improvement of human capital quality and activities oriented on good policy creation.

Bratislava region

The priority of the operational programme is the overall development of the territory in order to increase the standard of living of the region’s inhabitants in concordance with the principles of sustainable development.


The global target of the OP Education is to provide long-term competitiveness of the Slovak Republic by means of adapting the educational system to the needs of a knowledge-based economy. Through the ESF contributions, the operational programme shall finance the creation and support of human capital towards acquiring basic skills and key competences required by the knowledge-based economy as well as by the labor market.

Informatisation of Society

The global target of the operational programme is “creation of an inclusive information society as a tool for the development of a highly-efficient knowledge-based economy.” This should contribute to achieving the strategic priority target of Knowledge-Based Economy, which is the “development of the sources for sustainable economic growth and growth of competitiveness of industry and services”.


The operational programme aims at supporting sustainable mobility through development of transportation infrastructure and public passenger railway transportation.

Technical assistance

The global target of the operational programme is to provide an effective, efficient and proper administration, implementation, financial management, control and audit of Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund in Slovakia during the period of 2007 – 2013 in order to achieve the strategic target “Considerable increase of competitiveness and productivity of the regions and the Slovak economy and employment until 2013 by respecting sustainable development”.