Bratislava region

The priority of the operational programme is the overall development of the territory in order to increase the standard of living of the region’s inhabitants in concordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Bratislava is the administrative center of Slovakia. Public services provided by state and other public institutions in the region have low effectiveness and low quality, or are inaccessible for citizens. In comparison with the world trends of increasing quality of public services through informatisation and development in surrounding countries, the informatisation level in the Bratislava region is low. Through the focus of its priority axes, the operational programme is connected with activities of Regional Operational Programme, OP Environment, OP Education, OP Employment and Social Inclusion, OP Research and Development, OP Competitiveness and Economic Growth and OP Transportation. The Operational programme contributes with additional measures to the fulfillment of National Reform Programme priorities, mainly in the sector of innovation and information society.

The executive authority of OP Bratislava Region is the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic. Financial contribution by ES for this operational programme is 87 000 000 EUR. Operational Programme Bratislava Region was approved by EC on 03.12. 2007.



Operational Programme Bratislava region:

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