Informatisation of Society

The global target of the operational programme is “creation of an inclusive information society as a tool for the development of a highly-efficient knowledge-based economy.” This should contribute to achieving the strategic priority target of Knowledge-Based Economy, which is the “development of the sources for sustainable economic growth and growth of competitiveness of industry and services”.

Financial resources granted for modernization of the public sector through information and communication technologies (IKT) will be concentrated across the board in all organizations of the public sector and will provide direct outputs in the form of supported services for users throughout the whole area of the Slovak Republic. To achieve functionality of development of eGovernemt and to reach maximum effectiveness and efficiency of SF in this sector, implementation of interventions in the whole organizational structure of the public sector is a must, no matter where these institutions are based or which functions they fulfill. Otherwise, the expansion of eGovernemnt would not be functional and the Slovak Republic would not reach a level of informatisation comparable with other EU countries in the near future.

The executive authority OP Informatisation of Society is the Government of the Slovak Republic. Financial contribution of ES for this operational programme is 993 095 405 EUR. Operational Programme Informatisation of Society was approved by EC on 17. 09. 2007.


Operational Programme Informatisation of Society:

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